Julia’s bio

Julia Nowicki has dedicated most of her life to her passionate belief that the body is conscious. The brain, which is our repository of consciousness, exists in the skull and in the body. Our “spirits” or “souls” interface with our present physical reality equally through out the whole body. Communication with, and knowledge of the body, brings to us awareness of self.

Through her teaching, Julia reminds us of the joy of authentic physical expression. During and after continuous physical exercise, be it swimming, dancing, climbing, a special communication of self to the physical happens. This results in a more comfortable and healthier body, a more joyous self.The state of our self is expressed in our bodies. Non-verbal communication is a primitive and primary séance that is always happening.

Julia grew up in Johannesburg, in a big family. At age 16, she arrived at Mamau Div’s (Maria Macdonald) dance studio and found what she had been looking for. She trained in Modern (SADTA+IDTA), Contemporary and Belly dance, as well as becoming versed in various stretching and strengthening techniques.

After 4 wonderful years of dance with Maria, Julia traveled to Egypt, Turkey and Europe where she was influenced by their dance style and expression. Upon returning to S.A., Julia continued her training. She studied modern with Val Steyn (contemporary), Dafny Jubber (SADTA) and Jennifer Van Papendorf (Creative Movement), as well as movement therapy with Ann Fisk.
In 1993 Julia opened Alive Dance Studio in Muizenberg, where she teaches a variety of dance and movement styles. 

Belly dance

Julia has developed a unique belly dance style and approach to exercise, which focuses on empowering the individual through knowledge of the body. With this knowledge, the channels to expression of the spirit will open, for the body is the vehicle of the Spirit. Our journey is finding the stillness from which to move with conscious and intuitive kinesthetic and cellular awareness. We work on processes to unblock and unwind, allowing for the easy flow within our bodies. This ensures health and freedom for the soul to express itself in our daily lives.

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Cranio- sacral therapy

Julia also practices Cranio-sacral therapy. She was certified in 2002 by the Integral Health Institute where she was taught by Al Palowski. Since then, she has completed nine post-graduate cranio-sacral courses, with well-known practitioners like John Dalton, Matthew Appelton, Hugh Milne, and Al Palowski. She has also completed Reiki I with Rita Babtista.And Touch for health 1 with Kitya Nowicki. Contact Julia to book a session: tidesalive@gmail.com