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about Julia l Belly Dance

 Julia has developed a unique belly dance style and approach to exercise which focuses on empowering the individual through knowledge of the body. Aside from the emotional and spiritual benefits, the physical effects of belly dancing are as relevant as ever which includes strengthening of the stomach.


Tuesday (beginners)

Thursday (advanced)

The truth of belly dancing belies the image of it being an invitation to men, expressed with hips. It is, in fact, the first dance ever performed by women, for women.




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The origins of belly dance

Belly dancing is known as the dance for
health and celebration of life
rain, good crop yield
the preparation for war
empowering,strengthening,and celebrating women
for supporting the act of child birth

The emphasis is on the bell,y the isolation and control of the muscles emulating labour and the strength and control needed to deliver the baby.

By grounding, circling their hips and rippling their bellies, drumming to match the sound of labour, belly dance evolved into the many forms and expressions we see today.

In training the body, learning to isolate all the body parts, gives one the ability to dance to complex rhythms, and express with the body the spirits’ response to the music.
Dance expresses the times we live in- the beliefs, music, town, continent, climate and the state of ourselves.

Where did homo sapiens originate from ? So too is the origin of belly dance
Life emerging from the belly
Our first home…. the belly

Benefits of belly dance

Physical fitness 
Invigorates the nervous system
Encourages flow of lymph
Limbers the skeleton
Internal fitness tone of viscera and sphincter muscles
Strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles
Encourages good posture
Balance and grace

Clears and stills the mind allowing the consciousness of the body to emerge

Frees up and the strengthens the body, the vehicle /temple of the soul
Allows for expression of the spirit
Dancing with others is emotionally uplifting and invigorating

Child Birth
Belly dancing helps the expecting mother maintain self belief that her body can match the force of labour and manage delivery without complications (tearing, suction. sforceps)
Through her training she is grounded, fit, has good understanding of her body and knows gentleness and strength